Our goal is to do internationally leading research into fundamental problems in evolution, to train the next generation of evolutionary biologists, and to promote the application and public understanding of evolution .

The Milner Centre was started in 2014 by the Evolution Group at the Department of Biology and Biochemistry, with the aim of focusing on our core interest- evolutionary biology- and building up our existing team to create a centre of excellence in the UK and nationally. Thanks to a generous, £5 million pound donation by Dr. Jonathan Milner, the largest in the history of the University of Bath, we were able to put our vision into reality, starting with the construction of a new, £8 million pound research building.

In the next five years, we aim to create a world-leading research organization. Our goals are:

Great Research. We aim to publish influential papers, the kind of novel, innovative and high quality research that drives the field forward, with a focus on basic research into fundamental questions.

Great people. We aim to recruit leading biologists, but also to help train and mentor postgrads, postdocs, and undergraduates to go on and become researchers, teachers, and innovators.

A dynamic culture. We aim to be ambitious but collegial, creative and looking for the next big thing, rather than following the crowd.

Public outreach. We believe that scientists have a mission to help educate the public and inspire interest in science in the next generation.

To do so, we aim to recruit good scientists, develop our people, create an ambitious but supportive culture, engage the public in media, and create a culture of risk-taking and problem solving.